New Port Richey

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Restaurant Name Location Violations
The Ice Cream Palace8641 LITTLE RD2
The Gatsby Hideaway & CafÉ6229 GRAND BLVD1
The Gatsby Hideaway & CafÉ6229 GRAND BLVD9
The Corner Restaurant3525 UNIVERSAL PLAZA11
The Breakfast Grille8536 RIDGE RD7
The Brass Tap10700 SR 548
The Amerrican Kitchen6220 MAIN ST4
The 19th Hole Tavern & Grill11022 TEE TIME CIRCLE9
That Little Bakery On Grand Llc5032 GRAND BLVD2
That Little Bakery CafeLLC, 4136 BARKER DRIVE4
Thai Samurai3150 LITTLE ROAD2
Thai Bistro5414 MAIN ST6
Tcby- Mitchell Ranch Plaza3140 LITTLE ROAD UNIT#122
Taso Italiano4016 LITTLE RD0
Taco Bell #3072810795 SR 540
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