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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Betancour Catering #24803 DISTRIBUTION CT, BLDG B, STE 1-21
Balkan Hut3601 VINELAND AVE STE 11
Bam Bams Potatoes Vin 37382640 KUNZE AVE1
Betancur Catering4880 DISTRIBUTION CT BLDG B STE 11
Beavertails Orlando Vineland Prem Outlets1322 25TH STREET1
Blessed By Hands Kitchen3200 W COLONIAL DR1
Blue Heron Hotel13428 BLUE HERON BEACH DR1
Bimbo Bakery850 MID FLORIDA DR1
Bad Ass Sandwich207 N PRIMROSE DR1
Blue Heron Resort13428 BLUE HERON DR1
Bbq Tonight6849 S KIRKMAN RD1
Brazil To Go3601 VINELAND RD STE 12
Black Rooster Taqueria1323 N MILLS AVENUE2
Big Time Street Food Co805 E WASHINGTON STREET2