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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Westin Orlando Universal Boulevard9501 UNIVERSAL BLVD2
Westgate Smokehouse Grill10000 TURKEY LAKE ROAD17
Westgate Lakes-employee Cafete10000 TURKEY LAKE RD4
Westgate Lakes Spa Juice Bar100000 TURKEY LAKES2
Westgate Lakes Citrus Breeze Pool Bar And Grill10000 TURKEY LAKE BLVD5
Westgate Lakes Banquet10000 TURKEY LAKES BANQUET9
Westgate Grill6137 CARRIER DRIVE3
Westgate Banquets 210000 TURKEY LAKE RD5
Western Industrial Solutions Corp6500 INTERNATIONAL DR0
Western Industial Solutions Corp606 LEE RD0
Westerly's Restaurant Grill2100 S HIAWASSEE RD4
Westerly's Restaurant2100 S HIAWASSEE RD6
West Grill / Pizza Fs 1041610 W CHURCH STREET1
West Gate Lakes Spa Juice Bar100000 TURKEY LAKES2
Wepa Arepa2640 KUNZE AVE0