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Restaurant Name Location Violations
On The Border Mexican Grill9301 JEFF FUQUA BLVD STE 51993
Orlando Service Ice #24 - Vin #18582640 KUNZE AVE3
Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside - Fidalgo Bay7499 AUGUSTA NATIONAL DR3
Oakridge Tap Rm5907 DUMONT ST4
Omelet Bar12250 STRATEGY BLVD STE 401-4074
Orlando Service Ice #56022640 KUNZE AVE4
Orlando Service Ice #77392640 KUNZE AVE4
Orlando Courtyard Downtown Bistro730 N MAGNOLIA AVE4
One Love Island Cuisine692 W ROBINSON ST4
Ok China Restaurant7359 W COLONIAL DR4
Olde Dixie Fried Chick5925 S ORANGE AVE4
Orlando Airport Marriott / Ball Room7499 AUGUSTA NATIONAL DR4
Oyster Bob's Nautical Nonsense Traveling Oyster Bar Company Llc3201 CORRINE DR5
Orlando Airport Marriott Lakeside - Crimson Tavern7499 AUGUSTA NATIONAL DR5
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