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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Tacos Mi Casita - Vin 98522640 KUNZE AVE0
The Acaraje Vin#30672640 KUNZE AVE0
The Melting Pot Of Orlando7549 W SANDLAKE RD0
The Wycliffe Cafe11221 JOHN WYCLIFFE BLVD0
The Basement68 E PINE ST0
Toscana Pool Bar And Grill8122 ARREZZO WAY0
Toufayan Bakery Front Break Room3826 BRYN MAWR ST0
Toufayan Bakery Rear Break Room3826 BRYN MAWR ST0
Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt4104 MILLENIA BLVD0
Taste Of Wings & Things Inc218 S PARRAMORE AVE0
Temple Inland711 E LANCASTER RD0
Tacos Tijuana's Vin#88412640 KUNZE AVE0
Taco Bell Cantina #03486012101 UNIVERSITY BLVD #2010
The Greenery Creamery Llc420 E CHURCH ST UNIT 1120
The Venezuelan Burger HouseVIN 1572, 2640 KUNZE AVE0
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