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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Popeyes #9013390 W 1 ST5
Pig Out5718 MANATEE AVE W5
Panda Garden Restaurant3240 W 14 ST5
Pizza Hut #46058343 MARKET ST6
Plated Modern Kitchen8105 COOPER CREEK BLVD6
Peridia Prop Owners Snack Bar4950 E PERIDIA BLVD7
Ponce Restaurant6130 15TH ST E8
Popi's Place On The Ranch5820 RANCH LAKE BLVD #1028
Pittsburg Associates1611 9TH STREET WEST8
Pool Room Forty One5106 14 ST W9
Poblano Mexican Grill And Bar #25779 53RD AVE E9
Pizza Hut #46073611 1ST EAST #2109
Panera Bread1520 CORTEZ ROAD WEST10
Pho Street4304 14TH STREET W12
Pizza Hut #46083132 53 AVE EAST12
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