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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Zydeco Cajun Grill6620 ARANCIO COURT2
Zoya's Carribbean Cafe1733 E 21 ST7
Zoes Shaved Ice And CafÉ1712 OGILVIE PARK0
Zoes Kitchen10422 SAN JOSE BLVD0
Zoe's Por Man Lunch Box3219 N MYRTLE AVE12
Zoe's Kitchen #2104624 TOWN CROSSING DR #14912
Zoe's Kitchen90 RIVERSIDE AVE STE 6072
Zodiac Grill118 W ADAMS ST STE 10020
Zebo's Crab Shack 28676 LEM TURNER RD13
Zaxbys12301 SAN JOSE BLVD2
Zaxby's @ St Johns Town Center4875 GATE PKWY3
Zap Grill 22 INDEPENDENT DR # 21215
Yummy Sushi4372 SOUTHSIDE BLVD STE 207 & 2081
Yummy Pho5835 NORMANDY BLVD0
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