North Miami

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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Marcelo's Ceviches 21115 NE 133 ST0
Mama's Jennie's Italian Rest11720 NE 2 AVE1
Miggy's Barbecue1419 NE 129 ST1
Miami Grilled Cheese15421 NE 21AVE1
Mcdonalds Rest #14164610 NE 125 ST3
Mirandas Subs And Bakery12953 NW 7 AVE5
Met Kitchen12327 NE 6 AVE5
Mcdonalds #594413000 BISCAYNE BLVD5
Meat And Eat13448 BISCAYNE BLVD6
Men NÉnÉ12801 W DIXIE HWY6
My Conukito1099 NW 119 ST7
Miami Finga Licking 125 Llc12490 NW 7 AVE13