Miami Beach

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Restaurant Name Location Violations
South Beach Hostel235 WASHINGTON AVE0
South Shore At The James Royal Palm1545 COLLINS AVE0
Bake Shop4441 COLLINS AVE0
Moshi Moshi1448 WASHINGTON AVE0
Miami N'ice1214 WASHINGTON AVE0
Subway 28444913 NORMANDY DR0
Tresor Room Service Kitchen4401 COLLINS AVE0
Terrazos1717 COLLINS AVE0
Employee's Cafeteria4525 COLLINS AVE0
Subway 58064847 WASHINGTON AVE0
Angler's Hotel600 WASHINGTON AVE0
Lounge (the)1811 PURDY AVE0
Como Metropolitan Miami Beach - Pool Bar2445 COLLINS AVE0
Lord Balfour Hotel350 OCEAN DR0
1930s Crudo Bar4041 COLLINS AVE0