Miami Beach

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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Sls South Beach1701 COLLINS AVE5
Smith & Wollensky1 WASHINGTON AVE3
Snack Bar-trader Joes19201 COLLINS AVE9
So Be Coffee1601 COLLINS AVE1
So Be You!1018 JEFFERSON AVE10
Sobe It1627 ALTON RD5
Social Cafe1024 OCEAN DRIVE19
Social Club1725 COLLINS AVE10
Soho Bay Restaurant520 WEST AVE8
Soho House Restaurant Bar 8th Floor4385 COLLINS AVE2
Soho Sobe Pizzeria1535 WASHINGTON AVE12
Sorrento 5th Floor Pantry4391 COLLINS AVE6
Sorrento Ocean Club Room Service4391 COLLINS AVE0
Soul Tavern1801 WEST AVE0
South Beach Cafeteria & Rest1511 WASHINGTON AVE6
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