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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Fins And Things Bar & Grill3801 N UNIVERSITY DR #3060
Fanny Food Corporation5007 N HIATUS RD0
Five Guys Burgers & Fries13955 W SUNRISE BLVD, 13955-139750
Family And Friends5007 N HIATUS RD0
Falafel Pita And Grill2662 N UNIVERSITY DR0
Flik @ Amex- First Floor Catering Kitchen1500 NW 136 AVE1
First Watch Restaurant12594 W SUNRISE BLVD1
Florida Panthers Hockey Ice Cream Truck1 PANTHER PKWY1
Flair Catering Llc5007 N HIATUS RD1
Florida Coffee HoldingsLLC, 2499 N UNIVERSITY DRIVE1
Foar Inc4604 N HIATUS RD1
Flying Pig Bbq12801 W SUNRISE BLVD #8571
Flaire Catering5007 N HIATUS RD1
Freddo12801 W SUNRISE BLVD #5632
Flippo's3868 N UNIVERSITY DR6