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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Amc Theatres Sunrise 84321 NW 88 AVE5
Amaize12801 W SUNRISE BLVD ROOM F2290
Ally's Comfort Cafe Too11435 W OAKLAND PARK BLVD0
Ally's Comfort Cafe9210 W COMMERCIAL BLVD2
All That Jazz3491 N HIATUS RD2
All Care Catering Llc5007 N HIATUS RD4
All American Wieners5007 N HIATUS RD0
Albert Price5007 N HIATUS RD0
Aetna Sunrise1340 CONCORD TERRACE4
About Time Cafe11435 W OAKLAND PARK BLVD4
A 'shef' For 23865 N UNIVERSITY DR.4
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