Fort Lauderdale

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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Pizza Hut #553113924 DAVIE BLVD0
Pizza Fusion Ft Lauderdale1013 N FEDERAL HWY2
Pizza Eden2893 STIRLING RD0
Pizza City1509 E LAS OLAS BLVD0
Pita Plus2145 STIRLING RD3
Pita Paradise4824 N FEDERAL HWY14
Pirate Republic Bar Seafood & Grill400 SW 3 AVE5
Piranha Pat's1479 E COMMERCIAL BLVD1
Pincho Factory6234 N FEDERAL HWY3
Piman Cafe1560 NE 4 AVE1
Piman1560 NE 4 AVE8
Pillars At New River Sound (the)111 N BIRCH RD2
Pieology Pizzeria1823 E COMMERCIAL BLVD8
Pie-zans Home Of Frankie Meatballs4370 N FEDERAL HWY2
Pie-zan's1103 S ANDREWS AVE10
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