Fort Lauderdale

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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Las Vegas Restaurant #52807 E OAKLAND PARK BLVD3
Laspada's Original Hoagies1495-D SE 17 ST4
Lauderdale Tennis Club Inc600 TENNIS CLUB DR1
Lauderdale Yacht Club1725 SE 12 ST13
Lauderdale Yacht Club Snack Bar1725 SE 12 ST1
Le Petite Cafe De Dania3308 GRIFFIN RD2
Le Vinois Bakery6322 NW 9 AVE10
Lee's Sushi To Go2985 W COMMERCIAL BLVD10
Lenore Nolan Ryan Catering & Cooking School3311 N OCEAN BLVD3
Leo's Cafe Corp2979 W COMMERCIAL BLVD0
Lesters Diner250 SW 24 ST9
Lg's Uptown Eatery6303 N POWERLINE RD #114
Lil Bamboo4040 GALT OCEAN DR LI5
Lil Reds Cookin1705 W SR 8410
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