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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Dairy Queen4979 SW 148 AVE5
Dairy Queens13684 SR 841
Davie Rodeo Arena Cowboy Stand4271 DAVIE RD3
Davie Rodeo Arena Pavillion St4271 DAVIE RD1
Davie Taco Bar - Tacos13040 W SR 845
Davies Best Pizza Bar4120 SW 64 AVE4
Dcafe4050 WESTON RD6
Del Vecchio Pizzeria Davie Llc2060 S UNIVERSITY DR9
Deli Boy Subs11328 SR 842
Delicious Raw2276 S UNIVERSITY DR1
Denny's Restaurant5645 S UNIVERSITY DR1
Df Mexican Restaurant15651 SHERIDA ST STE 7001
Disalvos Italian Restaurant5945 S UNIVERSITY DR0
Disalvos Pizza And Italian Restaurant5945 S UNIVERSITY DR2
Dog Sled Deli3711 SW 47 AVE STE #2080
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