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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Italy Italy Rest & Pizzeria1934 WICKHAM RD7
Island Pasta Company903 E NEW HAVEN AVENUE10
Iron Oak Post2023 MELBOURNE CT4
Ira Quick Cuisine3280 SUNTREE BLVD0
Intruckcoastal Bites/ Harana Catering3280 SUNTREE BLVD10
Indian River Colony Hall1600 OLD GLORY BLVD2
Indian River Colony Club1600 OLD GLORY BLVD3
Immaculate Consumption2023 MELBOURNE CT0
Ichabod's Dockside2210 FRONT ST7
Ice Cream Shoppe And Cafe Inc2330 N WICKHAM RD STE 162
Iannuzzo's Pizza Of Brevard3280 SUNTREE BLVD STE 1053