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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Zaxby's6355 N WICKHAM RD11
Yummy Cottage Llc3280 SUNTREE BLVD STE 1050
Yianni's4835 W EAU GALLIE BLVD1
Yellow Submarine2300 AVOCADO AVE SUITE 73
Xin Da Chinese Restaurant2186 SARNO RD0
Wuesthoff Health 71076250 N WICKHAM RD2
Wids Place2854 SARNO RD0
Whiskey Row7777 N WICKHAM RD #182
Which Wich2250 TOWN CENTER AVE #1059
Westside Sportsbar And Lounge Inc3069 W NEW HAVEN AVE4
Wendy's #4688245 N WICKHAM RD0
Wendy's #4674150 N WICKHAM RD0
Wendy's #4641150 S BABCOCK ST7
Wendy's #4632650 W NEW HAVEN AVE5
Wendy's #11857950 N WICKHAM RD1
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